Next Level | Double Kettlebells WHY


We all know by now, that kettlbell training is the ultimate weapon against weakness but double kettlebell training is a whole new form of weaponery!

You can’t cheat catching bad cleans or snatches. Your form must be spot on or it will be more than just bruised forearms now you're complaining about!

Nearly any exercise you can do with one kettlebell, you can do with two. Some differences are subtle and some are very noticeable.

Double kettlebell training is mostly about increasing strength and power. This is done by increasing your time under tension with heavier weights and slower tempos. Something that is easy to do with the grind movements (Pressing, Turkish Get Up, Squats…) But little tricky with the ballistic moves like Swings, Cleans and Snatches. For these ballistic moves we need to increase the weight significantly and to do this we make it a double kettlebell move.

Here is two of my favourite Double kettlebell workouts: (Be sure to warm up and cool down peep's


3x Ladder of 5

Double KB Clean & 1x DKB Press

Double KB Clean & 2x DKB Press

Double KB Clean & 3x DKB Press

Double KB Clean & 4x DKB Press

Double KB Clean & 5x DKB Press

Double Snatch to 5 x Overhead Squat


3 Rounds

5 x DKB Swing

5x DKB Cleans

5x DKB Front Squat

Rest 2-3min between rounds.

When trying this for the first time, use a lighter bell, it will allow you to put all your focus on the swing and redirection portion of the lift. And like always seek out a certified kettlebell coach, if you are in Venice, California I would only be to happy to help you can reach me at