Why train with kettlebells? GENERAL

  • Extreme All-Round Fitness & Physical Preparedness
  • Exceptionally effective, efficient and SAFE at improving many components of fitness: Dynamic Strength, Endurance, Muscle building & FAT LOSS!
  • Compact, inexpensive
  • Can be used ANYWHERE

Why Train Kettlebells For CrossFit & Life?

  • Increase hip drive in Olympic Lifts
  • Increased strength  for the 3 Power Lifts
  • Increase grip strength
  • Increase strength & endurance (improve your pullups pushups, 1 mile run etc)
  • Increase functional capacity
  • Improve coordination and agility


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“One of the most effective means of strength development...a new era in the development of human strength-potential” 
- Soviet Ministry of Defense (Burkov & Nikityuk 1985)