Power of the Bell

The CrossFit craze has arrived and revolutionized fitness—but now, it’s time to crank that workout up a notch.  


Did you know kettlebell training is an absolutely crucial element for CrossFit athletes? It stimulates effective muscle building, fat loss, and endurance in a compact, high intensity environment that challenges all the muscles in the body to perform as one fluid unit.  The result is a near perfect all around workout that can elevate anyone’s CrossFit game. The only problem: most CrossFit enthusiasts haven't had access to it...until now.

As both a CrossFit and StrongFirst certified personal trainer, Kylie has dedicated much of her career to perfecting kettlebell techniques and form to achieve maximum results in her clients.  A former triathlete, figure skater, and competitive dancer, Kylie knows firsthand how life changing this course can be, especially for competitive CrossFit enthusiasts.

“Kettlebells transformed my lift, and transformed my life,” says Kylie.  “Because of my kettlebell training, my form, be it a hip drive, or an Olympic lift, was exponentially improved, creating a more balanced and effective workout.”

Using a powerful combination of education and motivation, Kylie’s holistic approach to kettlebell training helps her clients lead healthier and more balanced lives, while expanding their level of mental and physical prowess.  “Fitness and nutrition are not tasks, but a lifestyle,” says Kylie. “A lifestyle that is both rewarding and exciting.” 

Kylie’s kettlebell workouts focus primarily on form, function, and technique, and are specifically designed to elevate an individual's CrossFit success and performance.  Using an array of hardstyle swings, power breathing, and high intensity ballistic movement, Kylie ensures each student will build muscle, minimize injury, and increase stamina.  

Kettlebell Fundamental Workshop,

Deuce Gym Venice CA.

Sunday July 23rd, 12:30-4:30

If you are a group fitness instructor or fitness enthusiast and would like to learn the fundamentals of kettlebells and how to apply them this workshop is for you. 

Movements Taught:

  • Swing (Two & One Hand)
  • Clean
  • Goblet & Front Squat
  • Press
  • Snatch
  • Turkish Get-up