Online personal training - is it for you?

Online personal training - is it for you?

  • Not getting results from your training?
  • Board of your Programing?
  • Don't have time or money to train with a personal trainer?

SAVE  Around $203 a week (based on average three $75 sessions)

Why you should make it happen:

GritFIT online training offers a wealth of benefits minus the hefty price tag, online personal training is a cheaper option that can offer loads more flexibility.

Your PT still puts together assessments and schedules, but instead of regular sessions, you’re in charge of managing your workouts. You will have regular phone, email or Skype time with a qualified PT, some locations will have access to 1 monthly face-to-face with their PT. There is also the option of increased flexibility to work out where (outside, at home, in the gym) and when you like.