Crawling, Rehabilitative, Restorative, and even a PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING movement..!!!

Working with kids and especially kids on the spectrum I understood the benefits of crawling to help improve brain function, ones ability to think, focus and reason but when I was told to crawl between movements in training I was like WTF???

But it makes sense now cause crawling helps the brain communicate, it's how a child’s brain develops and builds the connections between both left and right hemispheres of the brain. And the more efficient the brain can communicate and process the better we move cause the brain can send message to our muscles FASTER!!!, it's only logic right?

Some of the benefits of crawling:

Builds your reflexive strength -  your body's ability to anticipate movement before it happens and/or reflexively react to movement as it happens. If you are lacking reflexive strength, you cannot be as strong and as mobile as you are meant to be.

Improves your coordination. - Teaches your shoulders and your hips how to work together.

Reset your CNS (Central Nervous System) - Probably the first thing I noticed for myself when training. I was performing a  heavy clean to Front Squat ladder to windmill, I had to crawl between the Clean & Front Squats 25ft to perform my windmill, I know there would of been a lot more rest going between the two if it wasn't for the crawl there and back (forward & backward I might add) It allowed my heart rate to also drop enough to go from DKB 24kg’s to a 16kg Windmill.

Crawling improves your: 

  1. Physical strength,
  2. Mobility,
  3. Mental focus,
  4. Response to stress and;
  5. Mood

When you are moving better and feeling better, it is easier to be in a good mood.

Don't believe me? Try it!