'STRONG from the beginning'

Kettlebells not just trendy but SAFE for momma too!

The kettlebell audience is expanding. In kettlebell history mainly military and law enforcement professionals used kettlebells now you see so many of the top trainer and celebrities joining the craze including our mom’s to be!


We all know that list of benefits from kettlebells training, how they create resistance in the form of weight, offer specific balance challenges and give a total body workout etc... but did you know they can be a great choice for pregnant women who want to keep up with their fitness routine?

Sure you won't want to be maxing out, doing a 5min KB Snatch test and as the belly grows you will have to make for some changes in movement, nor would you won't be wanting to go for long workouts either because they will leave feeling more fatigued rather than energies, strong and confident like a workout should, BUT...

In most cases kettlebell workouts are even safe for pregnant. A deliberate Strength and Conditioning practice during pregnancy can lead to a healthier, fitter mom, and therefore a healthier, fitter baby. Anecdotal evidence suggests that training can lead to a more straight forward, manageable labor and delivery. Be sure to use the watchful eye of a trained BIRTHFIT Coach and check out their website for more information. They even have a great BIRTHFIT Podcast.

Happy Training!

Coach Kylie