A week has passed. The bells are down, testing is over for now, the sweat has gone, the heart is beating back to its rhythm and the mind has had time to process the weekend that was SFG Burbank 2017 (Strong First Grya)

It wasn't the weekend I had hoped for in some ways and it was more than I could have wished for in others... I didn't pass my Iron Maiden and it would be a lie if I didn't say I was little bummed, my pull-up was just not even close but 2017 ain't over yet and strength is a lifelong journey. To achieve Iron Maiden or Beast Tamer is no easy task, each movement favours a different body type so most who attempt it after years of training only get one or two elements. Iron Maiden is a weighted; pistol, tactical pull-up and strict press.  For the woman all three movements are performed with a 24kg kettlebell and 44 kg for the men.

But that's not what what Im here to write about. This weekend highlighted for me, what it means to be StrongFirst, that strength has a greater purpose, that we are always a student no matter our experience or how big a pedestal others put you on. What it means to be part of Deuce Gym to #HoldThe Standard. This weekend went beyond the realm of fitness it evoked personal beliefs, sparked new friendships and allowed me to experience what I preach first hand.

For the first time professionally I didn't feel uncomfortable or frightened to ask questions or share my knowledge and experience. ALL the staff and students brought something unique to the day which I feel allowed us all to learn better and feel comfortable, there was no 'one size fits all'. While we were put into small groups, that did not stop all the team leaders, assistants and Master Instructor making sure they got eyes on each and every one of us; we all were learning from each other, cause we are #AlwaysAStudent

This weekend was a family coming together to help each other grow and develop, there was no ego, there was courage, strength, understanding, guidance, compassion, encouragement. You were challenged to be the best you can be and shown what it means to be StrongFirst. That to be strong doesn't just mean how heavy you can lift, it's a lot more. Its being open and ready to learn, it's helping others, it's knowing when to stop before you hurt yourself, it's being able to fail like professional with integrity and honesty, it's having the courage to seek the answers you don't know, ask the questions you need to ask. I took away so much from this cert, I left with more tools to help my athletes/students and self, with more fuel in my fire to go after my dreams, greater self belief, inspiration, passion and pride to say I am part of the StrongFirst family.

Thank you StrongFirst.