Crossfit building a stronger resolve and positive mindset in women!

Crossfit building a stronger resolve and positive mindset in women!

CrossFit is more the just the latest fitness craze or lifting heavy weights. CrossFit builds confidence through found strength. Good foundation an exercise of social skills for those who may be naturally introverted.


1. Harness Happiness: Releases endorphins during and after you exercise similar to a runner’s high, but much more fierce.

2. Skyrockets your Self-Esteem: You start to achieve and believe things you once deemed impossible and therefore. helping to achieve improved body image, self-perception and sense of accomplishment.  

3. Teaches you Strength has a greater purpose: This sense of dedication and focus it encourages transfers into all aspects of your life, including your personal relationships. Strengthen your body; strengthen your mind; strengthen your relationships be ready for LIFE

4. Frees Your Social Butterfly: The only thing more fun than strength training is strength training with a friend or partner. Also, there is such a tight-knit strength training community who will share common values and interests with you. Love your fellow lifters!

5. Energizes you makes you more present aware: CrossFit tapes into 10 GPP strength, endurance, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance, stamina, flexibility, accuracy and taps into the 3 energy systems all which means more energy and body awareness.

6. Gives you  a break from the daily grind:  Although strength training requires focus, it gives your brain a break from the intellectual thinking you endure all day and your emotional self.

7. Better Sleep: It has been documented that those who train can sleep more deeply. Your body will need that quality sleep in order to repair, recover, and reap the benefits of all of your hard work. You earned it!

8. Decreases stress: We all know training releases endorphins, which puts anxiety and depression in the doghouse.  It also increases norepinephrine, which can boost your brain’s ability to cope with stress.

9. Make Time For YOU: Make uninterrupted “you time” an essential part of your day. Do some cleans to clear your mind.

10. Brings Balance back: A stronger Body means a Stronger Mind, a Stronger emotional self which Means a happier healthier you, one who is ready to take on any obstacle.

11. Satisfies your inner beast: Teaches you how to be independent and still take part in a group environment!

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