Why we should add variance...


By varying your training:,

  1. Does not allow your body to get use to one style

  2. Doesn't allow your mind or body to run in autopilot and therefore reduces training plateaus and stimulates brain growth and development.

  3. Builds anaerobic muscles

  4. Exposes your strength and weakness, shows you areas you can grow, its challenges you mentally and physically, makes you more aware and present cause you don't know what's going to happen, gets you out of your comfort zone and after all that's where true change and transformation begins.

  5. Keeps you MOTIVATED


After years of training endurance only I can know first hand the benefit of varying your training. While i am no fan of single style training and I strongly encourage those who do to step out of their routine and try something new, I am truly happy they are at least moving and doing something for their well being, Movement is LIFE!


Ways you can add variances is by taking on a new sport, adding yoga or weightlifting to your training, mix up the intensity, reps, or even you goal of the workout… go on MIX IT UP A LITTLE you won’t be sorry!


Coach Kylie