A Shift - Finding Balance

Since being back in Oz many of my closest and dearest friends have

notice a major shift and change in me, I'm no longer so anxious,

ridged, stressed and racey I have calmness about me, so thought I'd

share it with you all what I've done to achieve this.

Instead of listening to my ego I listen to my heart, my body; to life’s rhythm

Instead of attaching myself to things be it money, title, clothing a person or any other thing society tells me I must have to be whole I attach myself to my purpose which is also my passion

I share my experience and listen and learn from others who share theirs. I found balance between the hustle of life and the enjoyment of living.

Yeah I have my days still when I go bat s*#t crazy but I find they are less often than before

I surround myself with people who feed heart not my ego

I made peace with myself and my past

I stay in the present never looking too far down the future

I feed my body food that nourishes me not just satisfy the hunger. I train my mind, body and soul

I feed my mind heart felt thoughts, I don't just think positive, I live breath feel and believe those thoughts.

Just start by Taking 5min a day to just stop and feel don't think just feel and listen to your heart

Change isn't easy so be gentle and kind to yourself!