FAT BURNER - ATHLETE BUILDER; Are you doing it right?

Dan John described the Kettlebell Swing best when he said, “The Swing is a fat-burning athlete builder.” -Dan John

The Swing is the unsung hero and here is why...

  • Builds stronger healthier backs by developing your posterior chain; specifically your calves, hamstrings, glutes (that kettlebell booty), and lats and strengthening your core.
  • Builds explosive power and helps to increase your overall power output.
  • Supports metabolic conditioning; and can be specifically targeted for fat loss or programmed to target a specific energy system component for athletic development.

A lot of people fail to take advantage of the benefits of the Swing and mostly because of pour technique. I hear often, but it hurts my back, my quads burn out yet, the kettlebell deadlift and swing are two very common prescribed exercises for those recovering from back injury even with the elderly. When performed correctly, the kettlebell swing is one movement that builds strength and endurance or can burn fat, and you can do it anywhere!

So are you doing right?

Here are the StrongFirst guidelines for a solid KB Swing:

  1. A neutral back. Your neck should be slightly extended or neutral on the bottom of your swing

  2. Your heels, toes, and the balls of your feet should remain planted and your knees should track your toes
  3. Your shoulders should be packed
  4. The handle of your kettlebell should pass above your knees during your backswing
  5. Your arms should be straight in the bottom position
  6. There is no forward knee movement (increasing ankle dorsiflexion) on the upswing
  7. Your body should form a straight line on the top of the swing; your hips and knees should extend full, and your spine should be neutral
  8. Your bio-mechanical breathing matches. Meaning you inhale on the eccentric (when you go down) and exhale on the concentric (when you come up)
  9. Your abs and glutes visibly contract at the top of your swing
  10. Your kettlebell floats momentarily on the top of your swing

This image belows show you the body position and how the KB Swing is a hinging motion similar to the deadlift. By engaging your core, lats and squeezing your glutes you will achieve the straight back at the top and not over arch your back and stop the bell going to high. *Please note the image below is not showing a neutral neck throughout which is a requirement to correct safe form.

Workshop - Power of the Swing

Hi There!  

CrossFit has settled in as the market leader in functional fitness, and with the global growth of the program comes a need for coaches and gyms to assist participants in making improvements across every element within reach, and kettlebells are often the overlooked and unsung heroes of power and speed development.

I run Kettlebell workshop 'Power of the Swing', a specialist workshop to enhance skills that will help athletes generate more force, more power and more strength in order to accelerate their Physical results.  

Did you know kettlebell training is an absolutely crucial element for CrossFit athletes? It stimulates effective muscle building, fat loss, and endurance in a compact, high intensity environment that challenges the neuromuscular system to perform as one fluid unit.  The result—a near perfect all-around workout that can elevate anyone’s CrossFit game. The only problem: most CrossFit enthusiasts haven't had access to it...until now.  

As both a CrossFit and StrongFirst certified personal trainer, I have dedicated much of my career to perfecting kettlebell techniques and form to achieve maximum results for my clients.  As a former triathlete, figure skater, and competitive dancer, I know firsthand how life changing this course can be, especially for competitive CrossFit enthusiasts.  Simply put—kettlebells transformed my lift, and transformed my life.   Because of kettlebell training, my form and body awareness, be it a hip drive, or an Olympic lift, were exponentially improved, creating a more balanced and effective workout.


“I never knew I was doing kettlebell swings—the foundation of kettlebell movements—inefficiently until I took Kylie's course,” says Alia Dong-Stewart, coach at Intrepid Athletic. “It's exciting to have someone knowledgeable show you a better way to perform and see that performance crossover into other movements"  

My kettlebell workshops focus primarily on form, function and technique and are specifically designed to elevate an individual's success and performance.  Using an array of hardstyle swings, power breathing, and high intensity ballistic movement, I ensure each student will build muscle, minimize injury, and increase stamina.  


“There is no doubt Kylie’s kettlebell challenge improved my form,” says Becky Leetch, member of CrossFit No Boundaries gym. “I’ve been struggling with my hip pop for years—but thanks to Kylie, I’ve maximized my workout potential.”



So, why not give yourself the chance to take yourself to the next level, to reach once unknown and untapped physical potential.  My kettlebell workshops range from one-and-a-half hours to four, and guarantee a high quality education and burn for all fitness levels. 


Next Power to the Swing -October 24th 12noon at ZenFit Academy, Hawthorne, CA 90250